Rorshöck! - with black & color blots

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A game with personality.

What you see says a lot about who you are. A paranoid schizophrenic? An obsessive compulsive. Or a bipolar bipartisan. With Rorshöck! cards you'll learn more about yourself, your friends, and even your analyst. It's fun. It's revealing. And best of all, it's totally insane. What, already feeling anxious? Dont worry. This personality test is strictly for fun.

Play Rorshöck! with friends or by yourself, for a quick dose of crazy fun self-help.

  • 40 original ink blot cards - in black and color
  • Humorous photography and suggested responses on the reverse of each card
  • An irreverently outrageous diagnosis book to analyze each response
  • Shrink-wrapped box: 4" x 5.5" x 1.25"
  • Cards: 3.75" W x 5.25" L