Two heads are better than one

We're Julie and Susan. Or Susan and Julie.

Just two girls on a mission to avoid a career in banking. We are the creative minds behind everything Imagineering. We’re the ones strategizing, brainstorming, and creating every game. Which means double the creativity, double the smarts, double the fun.

We love words.

Long ones. Short ones. Made-up Imagineering. Which is actually a portmanteaux word -- two words (imagine + engineering) packed into one, just like the old fashioned suitcase by that name. You can thank Lewis Carrol of Alice in Wonderland fame for that terminology. Anyway, that's why Imagineering games are filled with test your trivia with, analyze yourself with, rhyme with, create poetry with, draw and doodle with. Most importantly we hope our words and games will amuse and inspire. 

Copy by day. Games by night. 

By day we’re a strategic writing firm that provides everything from content strategy and creation to naming and positioning. We help clients clarify and prioritize key messages, craft compelling stories, and then consistently deliver that message across every customer touch point—online and off. As writers we know that our words won’t get read without great design. So, we partner with design firms, collaborate with in-house teams and also act as project managers, finding the best designers, videographers, illustrators, and more to make our words come to life. 

When we’re not writing copy, we’re creating products that are imaginative and irreverent, fun and functional. You’ll find them at the coolest stores in the country and of course at Imagineering Store. Our very first game was Words Cubed and we never looked back. We had so much fun creating games with words that we moved on to irreverent therapy, classic trivia, and out-of-the-box drawing games. We've written books. Put words on games and even ice packs. There's no end to the word mania.