Pass the Pencil

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Ready, set, draw! It's a fast-action drawing relay race game.

Put your team’s drawing skills and competitive juices to the test in this head-to-head, pencil-to-pencil relay race game. Look for the extra challenges that may have you drawing with your eyes closed or hopping on one foot…That’s just the luck of the draw!

Tons of fun for 4 or more players

  • 200+ drawing prompt cards
  • Shrink-wrapped box: 4" x 5-1/4" x 1-1/4"
  • Cards: 2.5" x 3.75"

Looking for rules? Look no further

  • Divide into teams of 2 or more.
  • Pass out 5 cards to each team.
  • The relay race is on.
  • The first player from each team draws until their team guesses the prompt.
  • Pass the pencil to the next player, turn over the next card, and draw.
  • Look for the extra challenges that make it extra challenging…and fun.
  • The first team to complete all 5 cards wins that round.
  • Play as many rounds as you want.