Pads for your Pad

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A pad for every room in your house.

Why is it that you never have a pad when and where you really need one? On the phone and have nothing to scribble a number down on. At the computer and cant find a scrap of paper to jot down a URL. Want to remember a dream but have no place to write it in. Well, those days are gone. Pads for your Pad is a set of 5 pads--one for almost every room in your house so you'll always have the right pad in your pad.

Never worry about a housewarming gift again.

  • Includes 5 pads: The Dial Pad, Hot Pad, Mattress Pad, Mouse Pad and Brake Pad
  • 60 pages with chipboard backing and adhesive binding
  • Each pad has its own unique color and icon
  • Size: 3" x 9"
  • Each pad individually shrink-wrapped